Tower Operations Center

While deploying and operating the Towers is one half of the business, efficiently managing them on a day-to-day basis is the other half, which is more critical. Delays in handling repairs or breakdowns can result in downtime, and seriously affect the operator's performance in that cluster.

In order to minimize such incidents and bring about efficiencies in the day-to-day Operations, Bharti Infratel pioneered the concept of a 'Tower Operations Center'. This is a centralized Control Room that functions as a single point of contact for flashing and reporting all site-downtime alerts, which are routed to the concerned service technician, and “feet on street” who manage the Towers. The Center also maintains a whole lot of data on the status of the 39,000+ towers across the country. Right from the health of the equipment, down to the last service alert, every single piece of information is stored and monitored by a large team of qualified personnel, with the help of sophisticated software and equipment.

For efficient operations, the Towers need to be maintained, serviced, repaired, overhauled and upgraded from time to time. In order to streamline and simplify the process, all this is managed from a single centralized location that operates 24x7, called the Tower Operations Center (TOC).

All Trouble Tickets (TTs) pertaining to the Towers are received at the TOC. Subsequently, based on the location, nature of the problem, and availability of personnel, the Tickets are forwarded to the concerned technician on his mobile phone. The Technician attends to the problem, and once completed successfully, sends a “status complete” message from his mobile to the TOC. The TOC maintains all historical data pertaining to the TTs, at one central server.

This information is then sliced and diced to understand the nature of the problems, and undertake preventive maintenance. Further, the client is updated from time to time about the Tickets, using advanced Reports. The Field Technicians also receive training from time to time, using material culled from such information.

To help achieve this, the Center uses the latest equipment and sophisticated softwares.

Benefits to the Operator:

  • Reduced reaction times: All alarm and tickets raised are handled in the shortest possible time, and in a highly skilled manner.
  • Minimized Downtime: As a direct result of the above, Infratel Towers have the best and highest local uptime which enhances the service and operations of the telecom service provider.
  • Tight control over SLAs: This helps the operator achieve much higher Return on Investment on the operating costs.


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