Infratel Vision and DNA

Our Vision

The Bharti Group has always believed in leading businesses which make a positive impact to the community we live in. And we feel - this can be achieved only by being the best in whatever we do; by being the most innovative compared to others; and by not limiting our self to any geography, or by thinking Global. Which is why Infratel's vision is:

"To be the Best and most Innovative passive communications infrastructure provider Globally"

Known For

Highest uptime

Speed & Quality of deployment

Cost & Energy efficiencies

Environment friendliness

While we will continue to work towards translating our vision into reality, what will always guide us will be our core values:


In the process of achieving these objectives, we will not compromise on our core values which are:

About Us

Going Green

Our 'GreenTowers' initiative is yet another example of Bharti's efforts to lead business in a manner that is truly transformational, and has a positive impact on the society we live in.
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Bharti Foundation

“ to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential” »