Infratel Enterprise Suite - Customer Portal

IES is Infratel’s innovative online ERP platform, where the customer OpCo user can raise and manage their respective business requests on an end-to-end basis. The entire process of requesting a new cell site or a cabinet expansion can now be administered through this smooth, transparent and efficient mechanism.

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Right from the initiation of a fresh 'Site Request' through the site locator, to the technical specifications and 'Site Order', to managing the entire RFI/RFP process, all interactions between the OpCo and Infratel's teams are fully automated. In addition to the 'anytime, anywhere' convenience of an online portal, this also helps both the teams exchange quick, relevant, and insightful information in a manner that is faster to communicate and brings about transparency, while also archiving the entire history of interactions.

The direct benefit of all this is that the site is up and running, in the shortest possible time.


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