Corporate Social Responsibility

"Our CSR vision aims at building an empowered society through education, community development and environment sustainability."

A dedicated Board-Level Committee has been providing direction to our CSR efforts in a meaningful and sustained manner. The Committee is chaired by a Non- Executive Independent Director and comprises four Board members.


Mr N Kumar, Non-Executive Independent Director


Mr Rajan Bharti Mittal, Non-Executive Director
Ms Leena Srivastava, Non-Executive Independent Director
Mr D S Rawat, Managing Director and CEO

The Committee meets four times, once in each quarter, each year to discuss the progress of on-going projects, deliberate on new/proposed projects and share concerns, if any, related to company's CSR and its implementation on ground.

Over the years, we have undertaken various CSR initiatives to serve our communities and to bring a holistic social change. We focus on creating positive change by encouraging education, employment and rural development, among other endeavours.

CSR Focus Areas:

CSR Projects

Our social development projects are designed and implemented to create a just, equitable and sustainable society that works on the premise of providing a lasting impact. The endeavour is to remain congruent with the larger community goals, have yielded exceptional rewards as it makes us a responsible corporate citizen. We have several social outreach programs that address the challenges of education, sanitation, livelihood and environment.


Through this program, scholarships are provided to deserving students with disabilities from the Northeast region of the country. Implemented by Shishu Sarothi, Centre for Rehabilitation & Training for Multiple Disability in Guwahati, the scholarship program has been supporting several students in completing / pursuing higher education of their choice. The project also aims to create awareness on issues related to inclusion, access to education and employment for persons with disabilities across the region. As on 31st March 2018, 183 students with disabilities were provided with the scholarship.


Through this project, Bharti Infratel is providing safe water infrastructure including rainwater harvesting systems in 63 marginalized urban schools and creating awareness on water, sanitation and hygiene amongst students, teachers and the community across seven cities: Indore, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Jammu, Guwahati and Panipat. Till 31st March 2018, our project implementing partner - TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) conducted 192 knowledge workshops for students, 103 Teacher Training, parents and community based workshops on WASH across these schools. WASH curriculum for schools has been developed in different languages including English, Assamese, Odia and Hindi. This project has reached out to 33945 students, 3158 teachers/parents and 10000+ community members.


Over the past several years, through Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group; Infratel has been supporting and promoting education amongst the marginalized sections of the society across six states - Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. 254 schools are being run under the Satya Bharti School Program, which provides free quality education to more than 45300 students. Despite being implemented in rural areas, the program has been very successful in also promoting girl child education with the current enrollment of 49% girl students. This project has also ensured employment to more than 1600 teachers from the local communities.


In response to the call by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign), Bharti Infratel committed to driving the rural sanitation initiative. The program, known as "Satya Bharti Abhiyan" was executed through Bharti Foundation, with the aim of improving the condition of sanitation in rural Ludhiana. The project was launched in August 2014, aiming at building toilets in identified rural household in Ludhiana and in few Government schools which do not have toilets for girl students. Till the end of FY17-18, besides organizing numerous awareness campaigns, 18,286 Individual Household toilets and 14 girl's toilet blocks in government schools were constructed and handed over in rural & urban Ludhiana and Amritsar. This project has impacted more than 90,276 lives.


Through this project, Bharti Infratel in association with PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation (PARFI) has set up a residential gurukuls/training centre in district Deoghar, Jharkhand. Marginalized/unskilled youth are identified from different locations and provided skill development training in varied telecom trades like Tower Technician, Rigger, etc. using a customized curriculum. The trained youth are assessed, certified and provided employment opportunities across different companies operating in the telecom sector in India. This project is also being supported by NABARD and the state government.


Bharti Infratel supports Brookings Institution India Center in conducting independent and policy-relevant research on current opportunities and challenges in the promotion of education and ensuring environmental sustainability in India. Under the project, high-quality research will be conducted and policy inputs will be provided to help achieve key social and economic objectives of the country, focusing on education for the underprivileged and environment sustainability. The aim is to work towards ensuring that policy decisions by the government are focused towards bringing the most vulnerable, underprivileged out-of-school children within the education scenario, examine the holistic costs of renewable energy for India and suggest policy mechanisms for improving the sustainability of renewable energy. This will be done through research papers, public discussions, focused roundtables, workshops and seminars with stakeholders including the government, financing bodies, corporates, non-profit organisations and other related parties.

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CSR Policy

CSR Policy

ACT – A Caring Touch

ACT – A Caring Touch

At Bharti Infratel, employee giving is ingrained in our work culture, and we feel that they are one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs. 'ACT-A Caring Touch' program encourages our employees to donate their time, skills, knowledge and money for various social causes and CSR projects across different geographies.

Our Partners

Our Partners
  • Bharti Foundation
  • Brookings Institution India Center
  • PARFI (PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation)
  • Shishu Sarothi
  • TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute)

Our Environment

'Go-Green' remains a mantra for all that we do at Infratel. We firmly endorse that a healthy environment is the key to progress as it contributes to the well-being of our people and our society, just as well as it contributes to our business. Read More >>