Benefits of Shared Infrastructure

Reduced Capex

Telecom business is heavy on Capex, and as much as 40-60% of the Capex is utilized for setting up and managing the Telecom infrastructure. With ARPU and Revenue per tower declining over time, sharing of Tower and other infrastructure is imminent. By sharing infrastructure, Operators can optimize their Capex, and focus on providing new and innovative services to their subscribers. In the long run, this is what will differentiate them from the competition

Reduced Opex

By outsourcing the day-to-day management of your Telecom infrastructure to Infratel, your Opex costs are hugely reduced. The cost-savings can be used to increase your reach, provide innovative services, and improve customer satisfaction, all of which will result in higher ARPUs

Reduced Time to Market

By leveraging existing Infrastructure that are deployed in active Telecom circles, a new operator can drastically cut down the time taken to begin operations. The resulting savings in Capex can then be diverted towards Marketing and promotional activities which are crucial in the initial months.

Increased Connectivity

Bharti Infratel has deployed tower infrastructure in 18 states of India across 11 Telecom circles. Our coverage includes rural and remote locations which are characterized by erratic power supply, poor access, difficult terrain and lack of adequate backup. So, when you go with Bharti Infratel, not only are you saved the hassle of operating in such conditions, but are also able to penetrate new markets with ease.

Highest uptime

The speed with which we roll-out our services ensures quick commencement of operations. Subsequently, the use of efficient processes and superior monitoring ensures minimum downtime for you. All these means, you have almost 100% uptime when you go with Bharti Infratel.

Cost and energy efficiencies

By making use of cleaner, greener sources of energy like solar power that are more energy efficient, we are able to significantly reduce operating costs, the benefits of which are passed onto the customer.

Our P7 program is aimed precisely at such path-breaking objectives. Our 'GreenTowers' have been at the forefront in using solar power generation, and equipment such as direct current diesel generators and fuel cells in order to lower carbon emissions.We have nearly 36,000 GreenTowers on consolidated basis (as of June 2017) , 'GreenTowers' installed across the country, which is the largest such base, far ahead of any other player in this business.

Better Management of SLAs

Bharti Infratel, like other Bharti Group companies, makes extensive use of high-tech equipments and Information Technology based solutions like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Data Warehousing (DWH) softwares to drive down costs, manage information better, and reduce reaction times. This brings about cost and operational efficiencies, and helps manage the SLAs better.


Going Green

Our 'GreenTowers' initiative is yet another example of Bharti's efforts to lead business in a manner that is truly transformational, and has a positive impact on the society we live in.
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Infratel Enterprise Suite

The Infratel Enterprise Suite (IES) is the most advanced and comprehensive, end-to-end business enterprise tool within the telecom tower industry and has been developed for our customer mobile operators to carry out a host of business transactions conveniently.
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