About Bharti

To some, this may look like a diverse portfolio of unrelated industries, but to us, it represents our commitment to create and transform businesses in such a way that they make a positive impact on the society we live in. All the above industries have one thing in common – their ability to reach out to larger sections of the society, in shorter periods of time.

One other factor that binds the Bharti Group is our commitment to excellence: Product and Brand Excellence, Service Excellence, Innovation Excellence and Transformational Excellence. Again, excellence is not a statistic, or an end in itself to us, but is a means of applying human abilities to the larger welfare of the community we live in.

To know more about Bharti's humble beginnings from a small scale manufacturer to one of the top 5 Telecom companies of the world, read on...

About Us

Going Green

Our 'GreenTowers' initiative is yet another example of Bharti's efforts to lead business in a manner that is truly transformational, and has a positive impact on the society we live in.
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